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Welcome to Paws Paradise, wholesale bulk supply of dog toys, natural treats and mealworms

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Assorted Leads/Collars x100 - mixed sizes - pink + blueAssorted Leads/Collars x100 - mixed sizes - pink + blue
Pigs Ears 50'sPigs Ears 50's
Pigs Ears 500's (10 nets)Pigs Ears 500's (10 nets)
Dried Mealworms 12.55kgDried Mealworms 12.55kg
Mealworms 12.55kg  x 100 boxesMealworms 12.55kg x 100 boxes
Paradise Small Animal Popcorn Treats 18g x 24 packsParadise Small Animal Popcorn Treats 18g x 24 packs
Paradise Small Animal Popcorn Treats 18g x 72 packs (3 boxes)Paradise Small Animal Popcorn Treats 18g x 72 packs (3 boxes)
Sows Ears 25'sSows Ears 25's
Sows Ears 100'sSows Ears 100's
Chicken Feet 2kgChicken Feet 2kg
Chicken Feet 10kgChicken Feet 10kg
Rabbit Ears with Fur 10kgRabbit Ears with Fur 10kg
Rabbit Ears Natural 10kgRabbit Ears Natural 10kg
Dried Sausages 3kgDried Sausages 3kg
Pigs Pork Snouts 5kgPigs Pork Snouts 5kg
Pork Crunch 10kg (inner ear)Pork Crunch 10kg (inner ear)
Dried Tripe Sticks 5kgDried Tripe Sticks 5kg
Bulls Pizzle 12cm x 10kgBulls Pizzle 12cm x 10kg
Bulls Pizzle 12cm x 1kgBulls Pizzle 12cm x 1kg
Bulls Pizzle 12cm x 5kgBulls Pizzle 12cm x 5kg
Short Pork Rind Rolls 40'sShort Pork Rind Rolls 40's
Long Pork Rind Rolls 20'sLong Pork Rind Rolls 20's
Buffalo Ears 50'sBuffalo Ears 50's
Cows Ears 50'sCows Ears 50's
Pigs Ear Strips 10kgPigs Ear Strips 10kg
Pigs Trotters 20'sPigs Trotters 20's
Long Sausages 3kg - Black PuddingLong Sausages 3kg - Black Pudding
Long Sausages 3kg - Beef/VegLong Sausages 3kg - Beef/Veg
Long Sausages 3kg - ChickenLong Sausages 3kg - Chicken
Plush Toys 15'sPlush Toys 15's
Plush Toys 200'sPlush Toys 200's
Rope Toys Medium 40'sRope Toys Medium 40's
Rope Toys XL 25'sRope Toys XL 25's
Squeaky Toys Medium 40'sSqueaky Toys Medium 40's
Squeaky Toys XL 30'sSqueaky Toys XL 30's
Rubber/PVC Toys 40'sRubber/PVC Toys 40's
Grooming Brushes/Combs 40'sGrooming Brushes/Combs 40's
Ball Launchers 30'sBall Launchers 30's